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Apple's Secret Battery Reset Utility for WallStreet and Clamshell iBooks

- 2006.07.05 - Tip Jar

If you're the owner of a PowerBook G3 Series (a.k.a. WallStreet) or a clamshell iBook and have problems with your battery life or charging your battery, you're in luck. Apple has a program named Battery Reset 2.0, and it resets the microprocessor inside your battery so that it will allow the battery to charge again.

The PMU (Power Management Unit) inside the battery is what tells it if it needs more power and how much charge is left. Charging and uncharging it causes a memory effect affecting the PMU thinking it doesn't have a charge. This application resets the PMU and only works on the models listed below.


  • Any PowerBook G3 Series like M4753 and M5343 ("WallStreet") or clamshell iBook M2453
  • Mac OS 8.1 and higher (sorry, no classic mode or OS X)


Download and install Battery Reset 2.0 from Apple's page. Then restart your computer and ensure you have a battery inside your 'Book and it has power from a AC adapter.

Open Battery Reset and verify that you have power from an AC adapter, then click OK. Then click reset to clear the PMU memory in the battery. Then it will tell you to eject the battery and reinsert it.

After that, you will see the battery start charging. Leave it charging until it gets to 100%, and you're all done.

This little program doesn't work with the Pismo or any other 'Book out there, because it's unique to the PMU of the PowerBook G3 series. It saved be from buying a new battery more than once, and it works great for those old free batteries you sometimes find in surplus stores.

I can't guarantee it will work every time, and please read all the warnings Apple has on their site. Also, don't try to take your battery apart, because it can harm you, and please recycle your dead batteries - don't throw them in the trash. LEM

Link: Battery Reset 2.0 Document and Software

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