NuBus Video Cards

E-Machines Futura II LX

Physical Specs and Compatibility

The E-Machines Futura II LX is a 7" NuBus card compatible with 68K- and PowerPC-based Macs running up to System 7.5.

Acceleration/Resolution/Color Support

The card provides standard QuickDraw acceleration. Anyone with resolution or bit depth information for this card should contact me.

E-Machines Futura cards have a rotary switch for setting the resolution. The following is a list of switch settings. This setting is overridden when using a supported monitor with Apple's sense coding.

    resolution    refresh            monitors
1   832 x 624     67 Hz              T16
2   1024 x 808    71 Hz              T19/TX
3   640 x 480     60 Hz              any VGA
4   1024 x 768    60 Hz              any XVGA
5   832 x 624     75 Hz              T16a-E16
6   1024 x 768    75 Hz              E16, SuperMac 19", others
7   640 x 480     67 Hz              E16, others
8   1024 x 768    75 Hz              RasterOps 19", others
C   13"/16"       Dual Resolution    E16
D   16"/19"       Dual Resolution    T16II/E16
E   19"/21"       Dual Resolution    T19II
F   16"/21"       Dual Resolution    T16II

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