Macintosh II Portrait Video Card

The Macintosh II Portrait Video Card is a 12″ NuBus card designed for use with the Macintosh Portrait Display. It was introduced at the same time as the Mac IIcx. It is compatible with 680×0- and PowerPC-based Macs running up to Mac OS 7.6.1. It may be compatible with higher versions of the Mac OS, but this has not been confirmed.


Mac Portrait Video CardThe Mac II Portrait Video Card provides no acceleration and supports 640 x 870 resolution on the Mac Portrait Display in up to 4-bit grayscale with a RAM upgrade, but only 1- and 2-bit without it.


  • Mac Portrait video connectorHas a 13w3 connector instead of the “normal” Mac DA-15 connector.
  • Requires eight 120ns DIP chips of the same variety as those for the Mac II Video Card for the RAM upgrade. Without the upgrade, the card only supports 1-bit and 2-bit grayscale.

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