Macintosh Two-Page Monochrome Video Card

The Macintosh Two-Page Monochrome Video Card is a 12″ NuBus card originally designed to work with the Macintosh Two-Page Monochrome Display. It was introduced at the same time as the Mac IIcx. It is compatible with 680×0- and PowerPC-based Macs running up to Mac OS 7.6.1. It may be compatible with higher versions of the Mac OS, but we have not been able to test this.


Macintosh Two-Page Video CardThe Mac Two-Page Monochrome Video Card provides no acceleration. It supports up to 4-bit grayscale with a RAM upgrade at 1152 x 870 resolution on the Apple Two-Page Monochrome Display. Without the upgrade, it supports only 1- and 2-bit video.

Other Notes

  • Mac Two-Page video connectorThere are two variants of this card. The earlier version has a 13w3 connector instead of the “normal” Mac DA-15 that is present on the later version (the photo above shows the Revision B card).
  • Requires eight 120ns DIP chips of the same variety as those for the Mac II Video Card for the RAM upgrade. Without the upgrade, the card only supports up to 2-bit grayscale on either monitor.

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