Personal LaserWriter LS

The Personal LaserWriter LS was a low cost 4-page-per-minute QuickDraw printer similar to the Personal LaserWriter SC, but it connected to Apple’s serial port instead of usings SCSI and retailed for $700 less. It is not networkable and does not have Postscript. As a QuickDraw printer, it depends on the host computer to render the page before sending it to the printer.

Apple Personal LaserWriter

The Personal LaserWriter LS uses data compression and has less memory than any other Apple laser printer – just 512 KB (expandable to 1 MB). It is also the only LaserWriter not to include a CPU; everything is handled by the host computer.

Apple later produced a cost-reduced version known internally as the Personal LaserWriter LS/L that used different components and had a different part number but was marketed under the same name – Personal LaserWriter LS.

The 1990 through 1992 Personal LaserWriter models are built around the Canon LBP-LX print engine.


  • Introduced 1991.06 at $1,299; discontinued 1993.05
  • CPU: none
  • ROM: none
  • RAM: 0.5 MB, expandable to 1 MB using 80ns 30-pin RAM
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Speed: 8 pages per minute
  • Engine: Canon LBP-LX
  • Interfaces: RS-422/232
  • Languages: QuickDraw
  • Accessory Port: none
  • SCSI Drive Support: no
  • Size (H/W/D): 8.0″ x 15.0″ x 18.3″
  • Weight: 32 lb.
  • Power Supply: 600W
  • Upgrade Path: none

Further Reading

  • Two New Apple Printers, MacUser, May 1991, p. 91

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