New Digital Camera Idea

I’m a 35mm photographer from way back. I got my first camera in ninth grade, my first SLR system in tenth, and my first new 35mm SLR less than a year later. I’ve owned and used Miranda, Minolta, and Olympus cameras, before settling on an autofocus Nikon last year.

Macintosh Support at Yale

April 1998 – The following editorial was written some months after the explosion caused by a letter from Dan Updegrove, Director of Information Technology at Yale, advising incoming students to buy Windows computers instead of Macs. In light of an article in Rumpus (no longer online), the Yale student newspaper, Low End Mac reprints the […]

MaxxBoxx 730/200

The MaxxBoxx 730/200 is based on the Tanzania II motherboard (also used in the Power Mac 6500) and shipped with a 200 MHz PowerPC 604e CPU. The cube-shaped case has a whopping 10 drive bays. MaxxBoxx clones were only sold in Germany.