Insidious Microsoft Virus Targets Macs

1/11/2K: Unbelievable. That’s the only word that comes close to describing this dormant virus that Microsoft engineers have placed in every non-Windows Microsoft application since 1996.

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The virus exists as several separate components strewn through the Microsoft application itself and its support programs, especially OLE.

Best viewed in Internet ExplorerNow that Microsoft has been ruled a virtual monopoly, our source feels this insidious plot needs to be revealed – the virus can be remotely activated by Microsoft any time the user visits the Microsoft website, MSNBC, or clicks on a “Best Viewed With Internet Explorer” button.

But the virus remains dormant until Microsoft activates it. Until then, there is absolutely no sign of a virus on your computer – the code fragments are so well strewn about, nobody has yet detected them.

Worst of all, Microsoft can target this on a platform specific basis. If they want to take down anything running a 680×0 Mac version of Internet Explorer, they can do it. And the virus can be set on a timer, so it may not activate for hours, days, or even months after it was enabled.

The only indication that something might be wrong – and the thing that led our source on a detailed hunt of Microsoft code – was the fact that the Mac becomes increasingly unstable every time you add another Microsoft application.

Microsoft Office 1 for MacUsing just Internet Explorer or Word may make your Mac a bit flaky, but load the entire Office Suite along with IE and Outlook Express, and watch your Mac crash or lock up more than before.

This is the hidden cost of Apple’s $150 million deal with Microsoft – by default, this secret virus code is installed on each and every Apple computer sold today.

Our source indicates this software-specific virus may even be embedded in Microsoft’s free TrueType fonts for the Mac, not just applications. (Quark users note: Microsoft’s OLE code is part of your package!)

The end result is that even if the virus hasn’t been activated, Macs with Microsoft applications will act more and more like Windows computers as additional Microsoft code is run. They’ll develop inexplicable crashes and lockups.

No blue screen of death yet, but that could be next.

Don’t presume it’s bad coding just because it bears the Microsoft label. Our source claims this is a very deliberate attempt on Microsoft’s part to discredit the Mac OS.

Be very afraid.

 – Anne Onymus

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