Mac Users, the Only True Computer Enthusiasts

2000: Normally I’d stay away from blanket statements, but after the introduction of the G4 Cube, I think the statement may be true: Mac users are the only remaining true computer enthusiasts.

Mac Scope

The Mac world (for the most part) cheered the new Cube, while the PC world (for the most part) jeered. This is hardly a departure from the norm.

Power Mac G4 CubeWhat I think, though, is that this demonstrates that Mac users are the total personal computer loving package. We’re often derided by the PC press for buying computers for their looks instead of their performance. What they fail to realize is that we buy them for their looks and their performance. We do not compromise on the hardware side, and we love to have a beautiful machine as well.

We are computer enthusiasts in every sense.

The standard Wintel lover is stuck with hiding their love for their machines beneath a beige box. This is not the type of machine that you would display in the open or try to match to your decor. It is designed to be stowed out of sight and out of mind.

They may love tinkering with the innards of the machine, but the outside remains just a plain old expression of nothing in particular. This is very much like creating a custom engine, chrome and all, and placing it within the body of a Pinto. No one is going to know that you’re a car enthusiast unless you’re at the strip.

In our case, the strip is the benchmarks everyone loves to run.

It’s true that there are a few people who love “sleeper” cars that have great performance hidden under a crappy exterior, but I think they are outnumbered by the people who take care of what’s inside and outside.

Mac lovers, on the other hand, are proud to display their computers. They want them to be out in the open and visible to all. They want others to ask questions about the computer so they can talk about the machine and computers in general. It’s a way to get a conversation going about our favourite topics: computers.

Macs aren’t only about the power under the hood (of which there’s plenty) but also about the beautiful body and paint job.

Try this test the next time you hear the “Mac users are all style and no substance” argument. Ask if, all things being equal, they would prefer a beige box or a G4 Cube. Remember, if they start talking about no expansion, etc., cut them off and remind them that all things are equal. I suspect that the vast majority would reluctantly admit that they would take the Cube. I guess that makes them just as concerned about style as Mac users.

Polish up your Mac. I’ll meet you at the strip.

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