Macworld Expo: Looking on with Envy

2000: Well, it’s that time of year again. Macworld Expo has rolled around, and people are flocking to New York City to take part in a Macintosh extravaganza.

Mac Scope

Sigh. Every year (twice a year, really) I look at all the fun to be had and the action going down at the Expo and wish I could join in. I always promise myself that I’ll make plans for the next pilgrimage, but when it rolls around, I’m stuck reading updates on the Web.

Because I’m fairly involved in the Mac community, walking around without even one Macworld Expo under my belt seems a bit odd.

There’s the cost factor, of course. For now, I’d rather budget money to upgrading my Mac. I’m waiting for my a new accelerator card right now. Trips to other locations also eat away at my savings. Then, of course, my better half just doesn’t get all the fuss over a machine that she uses to write term papers, so getting her to come along would not be a simple task. Going alone is a clear possibility but hey, it’s always more fun with a group, right?

Why go? I’ve been to trade shows before, and the day is usually, at best, interesting. At worst, it’s a waste of time. What would be different about Macworld?

Well, the Mac is closer to my heart than most things. I love working on and writing about Macs. I can really relate to the products and the people at the show. It’s exciting for me to see where the industry is going and learn about all the great things going on. Seeing and goofing around with new products is way better than reading about them on the Web.

Actually meeting some people I correspond with in the Mac community would also be a huge bonus. I haven’t met the publisher of Low End Mac, and it would be fun to sit down and have a chat.

And then there’s Steve Jobs. I have never experienced the Reality Distortion Field, but it would great to get the chance. People tell me he’s quite a showman.

More than anything, however, I think I’d just like to feel the energy that surrounds the platform. I get a taste of it through the websites I read and the personal correspondence I have with other Mac lovers, but I somehow think that being crammed into a building with thousands of other Mac devotees would be an amazing experience. I’d find it interesting to be able to turn to anyone around and mention how great the new MacSoft games are and get something more than just blank stare.

So, to all the lucky dogs at Macworld, stop for a moment and think of those less fortunate.

Anyone interested in splitting a hotel room with me at the New York show next year?

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