Running Mac OS X on SuperMacs

From Accelerate Your Mac!, September 20, 2000.

OS X Beta ResEdit Hack Tip for Clones

Mac clones are not a supported machine, and Resedit hacking is not for everyone, but this reader sent a tip:

Hey Mike,

I have a Umax S900 and have tried some things on getting OS X/Darwin to boot on my machine. The only way to get the system disk to open (and be effective) was to open a copy of the System Disk control panel [in OS X] in ResEdit, opened OFtb resource 128 and changing the first box to my machine’s gestalt ID (67 or 69), closing that box, opening OFtc resource 128 and changing the box with AAPL,8500 to ????,8500 (if the machine were based on a 8500 motherboard that is). Then save, quit, and restart. It should now open, without error, and be effective for choosing a boot disk.


The S900 is based on the Tsunami (9500) 6-slot PCI motherboard with Umax changes (like a second CPU card slot, E100 slot, etc.).

System Disk Patch

I found a link to System Disk Patch on Alas, this doesn’t work with OS X Beta.