Office Politics: ‘Rassling with Word 2001

2001 – This is the first Mac Lab Report I’ve submitted for a while, primarily because I was working on a grant proposal for my school, and it absorbed all of my time. It absorbed my time not just because it was a lengthy proposal (approximately 20 pages of text and charts) but because it […]

Equality Isn’t Enough

2001: Mac OS X has come more or less into its own since the release of OS X 10.1. Unfortunately, the main competition, Windows XP, will also be coming into its own shortly. It’s a bittersweet triumph that OS X is fast, stable, and oh so nice to look at. It seems that Windows XP is […]

Surfing with Sega: The Late, Great Dreamcast

In a lot of respects, the Dreamcast was ahead of its time. It was released in 1998 in Japan and 1999 in the rest of the world – a year before PlayStation 2 – and was the first 128-bit console gaming system ever. Sega, a Japanese company started by American expatriate David Rosen in the 1950s, seemed […]

The Value of Voodoo Video

2001 – For a while in the late 1990s, Voodoo was the hottest name in video cards. It popularized OpenGL and GLIDE as programming interfaces for 3D graphics used in games.