Uncovered: Dalmatian Flower Power iMac with Ruby Slippers

If you’ve seen the new iMac color schemes, you know they’re different from all computer designs that have gone before them. The big question isn’t why Apple came up with Blue Dalmatian and Flower Power, but what market they perceive for it.

The Rumor Mill

child using imac in Apple storeHowever, indigo, graphite, Flower Power, and Blue Dalmatian aren’t the only iMacs coming off the assembly line.

Dalmatian Flower Power iMac with Ruby SlippersEvery now and then, through some miracle or disaster of plastic pattern mutation, a flowered Dalmatian shows up, like this sample recently unpacked at my local CompUSA store.

The mutant iMac is apparently an aberration. To date, sources have located less than a dozen of these rare models around the world.

This is reminiscent of the philatelist’s misprinted stamp or the numismatist’s mispressed coin – and prices will probably escalate accordingly.

Expect to see these few floral puppies showing up on http://www.gadling.com/2008/02/01/best-prank-ever-stopping-time-at-grand-central-station/ soon.

As for the ruby slippers, after watching Judy Garland’s life story, we couldn’t resist embellishing the image. The real flowered Dalmatian iMac doesn’t have ruby feet.

– Anne Onymus

Short link: http://goo.gl/f3ivP7