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Now you too can generate Mac rumors just like the professionals do! All you have to do is select one of the options in each of the pop up menus below; when you’re done, just print the rumor out or copy it and email it to your favorite news site! If you go to all the trouble of creating a rumor, why not get credit for it too!

let slip a little info fromthis week when they revealed that the rumoredwe’ve been hearing about lately has reached thestage of development. This new offering from Apple has the following characteristics:processor withRAM, andhard drive, including,port, and aport as well. It also features thewhich will allow unprecedented performance.

Now, rumors are rumors, but I have good reason to believe this source because it was confirmed bywhich was successful in predicting that the rumor aboutwas, as everyone now knows, false.

also confirms that the new machine will have a unique enclosure, reinforcing Apple’s leadership in the design of computers. This machine, code-named, will sport aenclosure which will be available in the following colors:,, and.

Photos of the rumored machine were posted at, but have been pulled from the site at the request of Apple’s legal department. For a fortunate few, pictures were also temporarily available at, but reports indicate these pictures were no longer available as of 11:27 AM Guyana Time yesterday.

Also lending credence to the rumor are reports fromwhich indicate that the availability ofhas been restricted at; and that the inventory codes for this hardware at CompUSA have suddenly changed to.

You have to decide for yourself whether or not this information is accurate; but until we all know for sure pending the announcement atI guess we’ll just have to keep reading those rumors!

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