Playing the Game of Hype

2002: Apple is one of the few companies that can really get the hype machine working overtime. Both hardware and software have received the treatment as Apple has released each new product as the one thing that will bring world peace, alleviate famine, and abolish old age. The problem is that the sizzle-versus-steak ratio can […]

Improving AppleWorks

2002 – AppleWorks is a fine Office suite. As it is, I like how well integrated the suite is and the fact that it runs smoothly in Mac OS 9 and OS X. Additional features, such as the slide presentation module (added since version 5), have been most welcome. However, I still feel the need to retreat […]

Configuring an iBook Cart, Part 2

2002 – This is one part of a multi-part series on setting up laptops for use with Apple’s iBook laptop cart. Today’s article deals with mechanical issues and configuring the AirPort base station.

Why I Live Microsoft Free

I didn’t always shun Microsoft software. Indeed, for half of my decade as a Mac user, Microsoft Word (first version 4, then version 5.1) was the application I used most in those pre-Internet years.

Configuring an iBook Cart, Part 1

2002 – In a few weeks, I have to train my colleagues how to check out, use, maintain, and return one of several iBook carts our school has purchased. In the meantime, the carts have to be prepared with certain multiple user settings, passwords, site licensed software, and network settings.

Bring Back the Cube

2002: My recent articles have focused on the need for Apple to somehow convince consumers that they are playing in the personal entertainment realm as well as the computer business. There are several problems with Apple’s current strategy. For those who haven’t been tuning in regularly, the main one is that a computer, in the […]