More Bumper Snickers

If Mac users made bumper stickers, continued.

It ain't obsolete 'til I say so

Dude, I Returned My Dell

CAUTION: Reality Distortion Field Zone

iMac means iCan

5% use a Mac, 20% wish they could

My Mac already has all your PC's upgrades

My child is an Honor Pirate Apprentice at Silicon Valley Elementary

It's what you do with the hardware that counts

I would upgrade, but how can you beat perfection?

 You haven't lived until you've XPerienced Product Activation

My Other Computer is a Flat Panel iMac

Permission to adapt these for your own bumper stickers or use these as taglines is hereby granted. If you wish to print and sell bumper stickers in quantity, please contact Jeff Adkins.

Also be sure to see the original Bumper Snickers from July 2001.

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