Still More Bumper Snickers

If Mac users made bumper stickers, part 3.

What part of ease of use don't you understand?

When was the last time you used a manual?

with one button you get the job done faster

Engineers are supposed to make things simpler

Windows is patched together with C E M E N T

Don't interfere with my right to use another operating system

I hate Macs, but I love sending money to Bill

Stop asking me to do your work and get a Mac

Take your Widnows and get out of Dodge.

If your PC is so great, why do you cuss at it so much?

Easy as hell? Frustrating as Dell!

Permission to adapt these for your own bumper stickers or use these as taglines is hereby granted. If you wish to print and sell bumper stickers in quantity, please contact Jeff Adkins.

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