Still Yet Even More Bumper Snickers

These new Bumper Snickers are sure to tickle your fancy! If you want to let the world know what you’re about, print ’em out and hot-glue ’em to your car. If anyone gets irritated with your new sticker, just tell ’em you found it “somewhere on the Internet”.

Anyway, stand by for humor, ‘cuz it’s the Lite Side’s incorrigible

Apple Computer: Declared Dead 19 Times and Counting

You can pull me over but you can't make me pay the fine. I work for Microsoft

Microsoft: One more reason monopolies suck

The best way to improve my homeland security is to get rid of Windows

That hamburger you're eating used to be the Gateway mascot

BACK OFF! Not you, the RIAA

By the time I figured out Napster, they cancelled the party

Stanley Kubrick invented the Tablet PC

DELL: Dull Electronics Leave me Listless

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