Apple’s Success and Steve Jobs’ Succession

2004: Few would argue that much of Apple’s success over the past six years can be attributed to Steve Jobs. He gave Apple a strong mandate, pared down the product line, and really helped focus the company on delivering Mac OS X. Without these three things, it’s entirely possible that Apple wouldn’t be in as good […]

Still Waiting for the Tipping Point

2004: By all accounts, the goodies unveiled at Macworld Expo will satisfy most Mac user’s cravings for new and better hardware and software. The new iPod mini should maintain – if not extend – Apple’s dominance of the portable music player market. Updated iLife applications have finally arrived. The G5 Xserve will bring more power […]

Original iPod mini

Apple introduced the compact iPod mini at Macworld Expo in January 2004. The iPod mini incorporates a click wheel, which eliminated the need for 4 separate control buttons and allowed Apple to make a more compact music player.

Xserve G5 (Early 2004)

Nearly a year after the Xserve G4 hit 1.33 GHz, Apple unveiled the Xserve G5 with single or dual 2.0 GHz G5 CPUs and a 1.0 GHz system bus (vs. 167 MHz on the  G4), providing over 40% more overall processing power.