Use a PC Keyboard with Your OS X Mac via uControl

Have you ever wanted to plug a low-cost PC keyboard into your Mac’s USB port, only to find that a few minutes of trying to type is driving you crazy? Or have you ever wanted to pick up an inexpensive USB keyboard for your ‘Book so you can have all those extra keys or be […]

PearPC’s Slow Mac Emulation: What’s the Point?

2004: If your head’s been buried in the sand, you may have missed the fact that Mac OS X finally made it to Intel hardware. It’s dog slow and buggy as, well, as Windows, but we can’t blame that on x86 architecture because this is just an emulator called PearPC.

Windows Stability: Nothing Really Changes

2004: It’s been some time since I’ve used Windows with any regularity. I can’t say I’ve missed it terribly. About the only time I need to go near Windows is when my Dad needs a hand with his machine.