17″ MacBook Pro (Early 2006)

In an unusual Monday product announcement (Apple usually reveals new products on Tuesday), Apple introduced the 17″ MacBook Pro (MBP) with a 2.16 GHz Intel Core Duo CPU. It’s the first MacBook to support FireWire 800, and it also has a dual-layer SuperDrive (vs. single-layer in the 15″ MacBook Pro).

Running Windows in Parallel on Your Intel Mac

Apple’s Boot Camp got the most attention recently as a way to run Windows on the new Intel-powered Macs. But at almost the same time, little-known Virginia-based Parallels, Inc. announced a version of its virtualization software, Parallels Workstation for Intel Macs . This software solution for running other PC operating systems is more flexible than […]

Apple Product Development and Sales Cycle

As a long time Apple news junkie, I keep up with the trends. Over time, I began to notice a disturbing, often repeated, pattern in the development of new products at Apple. That’s when I sat down and created this easy to follow flowchart explaining Apple’s product development and sales cycle, that I like to call the […]