Apple as the Next Consumer Electronics Giant

2007 – Apple’s recent corporate name change from Apple Computer, Inc. to Apple, Inc. is more significant than most people think. It’s not simply a matter of dropping Computer from the name because some of Apple’s products aren’t in the Macintosh product line and aren’t actual computers. It’s because Apple is changing – and fast.

iPhone and Apple TV Make Macworld Expo Crowd Go Wild

2007 – This year I visited Macworld Expo in San Francisco for the first time to check out new products from over a hundred companies on the show floor as tech giant Apple unveiled more magical products. Macworld 2007 was the biggest Mac event yet, and attendance had increased since last year.

Original Apple TV

In 2001, Apple expanded into music with the iPod. In 2007, into television with Apple TV. But the original Apple TV was a lot different than the compact models we’ve seen since.