Mac Software Links

Some resources for older Macs and Mac OS versions can be hard to find. Here are some useful software links for the Mac OS.

Early Mac System Software

Links for downloading System 6.0.x, 7.0.x, and 7.5.3 from Apple, plus links to sites with older versions of the Mac OS.

Classic Mac OS Advice

Our Favorite Mac Software

Select Mac Software Downloads

Links to select freeware and shareware programs we’ve been authorized to post for download.

Applications Compatible with 68000-based Macs

Information on programs that run on the Mac 128, 512, Plus, SE, Classic, Portable, and PowerBook 100. May require a specific version of the System and more memory than the computer originally shipped with.

Other Software Links

Deals on Mac OS

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One thought on “Mac Software Links

  1. Don’t forget about Classilla, a free open source web browser for OS 9 that is being updated
    Also TenFour Fox a build of the current Firefox for 10.4 and 10.5 PPC Macs. I know there are other Firefox builds out there, too for PPC hardware but these are the ones I use. Thanks, Cameron Kaiser! Also SeaMonkey (the old Mozilla Suite Open Sourced) has versions for 10.5 kept up by one person and also a version for Intel Macs

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