Overclocking the Sonnet QuadDoubler

The Sonnet QuadDoubler replaces the CPU in a Centris or Quadra Mac with one that runs twice as fast as the original ‘040 processor, and by overclocking the logic board, you may be able to achieve even better performance.

Many Mac models can be “chipped” to run at a higher speed. These pages provide information on the maximum reliable speed. This may vary from one machine to the next. Chipping is not authorized by Apple. Any modifications you perform on your Mac may damage it. Modifications are done at your own risk.

Be sure to visit The Clock Chipping Home Page, the definitive resource on chipping the Mac.

Sonnet QuadDoubler Speedup

Quadra 610The Sonnet QuadDoubler is placed in the 68040 socket and runs at twice the bus speed of the computer. There were two versions, one with a 40 MHz 68040 on it (meant only for the Centris 610), and one with a 50 MHz 68040 (meant for any 25 MHz 68040 computer).

You may be able to get the 40 MHz QuadDoubler to 50 MHz by overclocking the Centris 610 to 25 MHz using a 12.5 MHz oscillator. You may need a fan, and even then you may also not be able to get it quite that fast.

As far as the 50 MHz QuadDoubler goes, you can probably get only a few extra MHz out of it. Don’t expect it to get past perhaps 55 MHz, which would require a 27.5 MHz oscillator.

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