Favorite Features Coming in iOS 9

Did you miss out on the WWDC Event? If so, continue reading to learn all the new features Apple are bringing into their latest version of their mobile operating system (iOS).

iOS 9 will be available some time this month. Judging by last year’s release of iOS 8, which was on the 17th September, we can expect to see the Public Version of iOS 9. [Update: Apple announced it will be available on September 16.]

New Features in iOS 9

iOS 9 brings many new features to the world of iOS. However some changes are m0re noticeable than others. Here are a list of new features and changes that I think are the best ones.

“Proactive Spotlight”

Apple have added in an “Enhanced” version of Spotlight that shows your recently contacted friends. Also, based on the time of day, it shows you some apps that you would open at this time of the day. I would say that my iPhone would have Facebook, YouTube, and Messages at the top of the list.

Updated App Switcher View

In iOS 9, Apple have significantly improved the Application Switcher. Now introducing a similar browsing style like you see in the iOS Safari app. Also, the Handoff Notification has been moved to the bottom for easy access rather than having to scroll through all open apps in the app switcher to use Handoff.

Power Reserve Mode

I think personally that this feature is actually very cool. In essence, what this does is it disables certain features in iOS allowing you to save battery life. It will automatically activate if you drop below 20% battery life (correct me if I’m wrong).

Updated Notes Application

In iOS 9, the Notes Application has been updated so now it allows you to create a checklist and add pictures(even draw your own, I believe).

These are my favourite new features in iOS 9. Yes I know there are many more new features, but I only pointed out a few.