Memory Upgrades: Mac LC III, LC III+; LC 460; Performa 460

The Mac LC III and its 33 MHz siblings – the LC III+, LC 460, and Performa 460 – have 4 MB of RAM soldered to the motherboard and a single 72-pin SIMM socket for memory expansion.

Macintosh LCWith the rear of the computer away from you, you will see a SIMM socket near the front of the motherboard, just behind the fan. This can be filled with a 1 MB, 2 MB, 4 MB, 8 MB, 16 MB, or 32 MB SIMM. The 72-pin SIMM must be 80ns or faster.

This is a huge step forward from the Mac LC and LC II, which top out at 10 MB.

Mac LC III page from Apple Memory Guide

Mac LC III page from Apple Memory Guide.

To add memory, simply put the new SIMM in the memory socket.

  • a 1 MB SIMM gives you 5 MB total
  • a 2 MB SIMM gives you 6 MB total
  • a 4 MB SIMM gives you 8 MB total
  • an 8 MB SIMM gives you 12 MB total
  • a 16 MB SIMM gives you 20 MB total
  • a 32 MB SIMM gives you 36 MB total

VRAM, Where More Memory Means Less Speed

These models ship with 512 KB VRAM on the motherboard. You can upgrade this to 768 KB by installing a 256 KB VRAM SIMM in the VRAM socket on the right side of the motherboard. To reach 1 MB VRAM, install a 512 KB VRAM SIMM.

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