Memory Upgrades: Quadra 700

The Quadra 700 has 4 MB soldered to the motherboard and one bank of 30-pin SIMMs for memory expansion, allowing up to 68 MB of system memory.

Quadra 700With the rear of the computer away from you, you will see several SIMM sockets in the front right of the motherboard. The four front most ones are for RAM; the remaining six are for VRAM.

Memory can be added using four matching 1 MB, 4 MB, or 16 MB SIMMs. The 30-pin SIMMs must be 80ns or faster.

Memory capacities are 4 MB (stock), 8 MB (with 1 MB SIMMs), 20 MB (using 4 MB SIMMs), and 68 MB (with 16 MB SIMMs, which are not officially supported by Apple).

Quadra 700 page from Apple Memory Guide.

Quadra 700 page from Apple Memory Guide.

VRAM, Where More Memory Means Less Speed

The Quadra 700 ships with 512 KB VRAM on the motherboard. You can upgrade this to 1 MB by installing two 256 KB or two 512 KB VRAM SIMMs in a VRAM Bank B. For 2 MB VRAM, install six 256 KB or six 512 KB matching VRAM SIMMs, filling all VRAM sockets. (Note: The Quadra 700 sees only 256 KB of a 512 KB VRAM SIMM.)

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