In Search of Charles W. Moore

Former Low End Mac writer Charles W. Moore has not been heard from since October of 2017, and being a well-known author in the Mac web-verse – and of course, here on this site – his silence is a bit worrisome. I am in search of the writer and friend.

Charles W. Moore

Charles W. Moore

Moore wrote the Miscellaneous Ramblings column for Low End Mac from 1999 to 2012 along with various news roundups through mid-2013. He also worked at the long since defunct MacTimes online publication with our own Dan Knight, publisher of this website.

For those who haven’t heard of MacTimes, including myself, it was an all-in-one online resource that pooled together various independent Mac related websites which included Low End Mac as one of the first to come onboard in late 1997. The idea was that with enough site traffic from the power of the combined resources that it would attract big advertisers to the MacTimes website.

Unfortunately, the ingenious venture would only last for a year and a half before collapsing due to, according to Knight, a flawed financial model.

Moore was previously a columnist for MacTimes before joining Low End Mac as a regular writer in September 1999.

“Charles was a significant force in shaping Low End Mac, especially with his focus on PowerBooks – Pismo in particular, after he left his WallStreet behind. He had the same focus on value that we have always prized, and it was a sad day for both of us when he left Low End Mac,” says Knight.

More recently, he has been writing The ‘Book Mystique column for MacPrices since 2011, a site I also write for as of May 2018, and his last story for that website was written in October 2017. He has not written anything nor has he been in contact with myself or the publisher of that site since that time last year.

The last I personally heard from Moore was in August 2017 when I sent him an email to find out current contact information for Knight after I had read a post that he (Knight) was in search of job leads. I found one but I could not reach Knight at the email address that I had since it was no longer active nor did I know how else to reach him since I was just a reader at the time and had not yet been hired to write for this website. An attempt to get in contact with Moore again a few months later in December for a LinkedIn recommendation and then again in February of this year was unsuccessful and those two emails to him went unanswered.

Moore has been a fellow colleague of mine going as far back as 2006 both of us working for the website PowerBook Central, starting three years prior to me beginning my writing gig there. (PowerBook Central is merged with MacPrices as of May 2018).

“Charles was a dedicated Mac laptop fan, and we always enjoyed his perspective on PowerBooks, iBooks, and the various MacBooks. We hope he is doing well!” says MacPrices publisher and founder Steve Hildreth.

Moore has been AWOL (absent without leave), and the publisher of MacPrices is wondering about his whereabouts as am I – and personally, I am worried about his status because he has always been good about returning emails and keeping in touch. All parties involved are hoping that any colleagues, friends, or family members of his who may be reading this article will contact us and let us know how he is doing. We hope to hear good news.

If you have any information about the status of Charles W. Moore, please email:


UPDATE: 6/19- A follow up article will be published on Friday, June 29, 2018. Stay tuned!

Follow-up article: The ‘Leo and Mac’ Reader Roundup #2: Update on Charles W. Moore

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