Apple as the Next Consumer Electronics Giant

2007 – Apple’s recent corporate name change from Apple Computer, Inc. to Apple, Inc. is more significant than most people think. It’s not simply a matter of dropping Computer from the name because some of Apple’s products aren’t in the Macintosh product line and aren’t actual computers. It’s because Apple is changing – and fast.

iPhone and Apple TV Make Macworld Expo Crowd Go Wild

2007 – This year I visited Macworld Expo in San Francisco for the first time to check out new products from over a hundred companies on the show floor as tech giant Apple unveiled more magical products. Macworld 2007 was the biggest Mac event yet, and attendance had increased since last year.

Disco Brings Unique Features to Mac Disc Burning

2006 – I’ve been tracking Disco since Austin Sarner began development with Jasper Hauser. Disco is a simple but effective disc burning utility for Mac OS X. It includes basic features that you would expect from this type of application, such as burning blank discs, disc imaging, copying, adding sessions to discs, and so on.

MacExpo 2006 Lacking in Excitement

2006 – I’m taking a break from writing about Apple history today and writing about the present. On Saturday, I visited MacExpo 2006 in London for the day (I last visited MacExpo 2004).

The Cortland Index

Cortland, named for a type of Apple, is a column about computer history, especially Apple and the Macintosh. These articles were written by a student in the United Kingdom who has studied Apple for years and enjoys writing about lesser-known Apple related topics.