My First Mac

Macs for Design

Lynn - 1999.11.18

I was on the yearbook staff in high school. This is when I was truly drawn in by the Mac world. At home I had a Performa 6100, but it was not until I discovered the many uses for Macs at school that I saw the true power of the Macintosh.

All the other students in the class would go home to their hard to use Windows 3.1 machines, while I went home and created fantastic graphic design pages (that won our yearbook a national prize) and played games that had fantastic color and sound. My computer could even run Windows applications with SoftWindows. I had the power at my finger tips, but I was once ridiculed over my love for Macs. Now it has changed.

I am now in college and majoring in graphic design. For a gift upon entering college, I received a G3 tower computer. I absolutely love it! It is so speedy on the web, and it does wonderful graphic presentations for class. Just yesterday in art class we were talking about computers, and one man said that he really likes his Windows computer. Suddenly there came this loud laughter from the corner of the room - even the teacher booed him. The tables have turned, and I think it is time that everyone (including software manufacturers), see the enormous capabilities and adaptability that Macintoshes have!

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