My First Mac

Complete PC Nut Goes Mac

Fred Forney - 2000.03.28

I was a complete PC nut. I upgraded everything every six months whether I needed to or not. My last PC was a 400 MHz Pentium II with 64 MB RAM, DVD, SoundBlaster Live, and more.

I am a PC and network support person for a small Midwestern private college. I work on messed up legacy PC's all day. I run Windows NT 4.0 on my desktop and Windows 98 at home.

After one semester, I installed a PC for someone who then surplused a Mac LC III. I played around with it for a couple days, and I was hooked. I was amazed that this old machine ran a true 32-bit graphical interface on very little hardware. This Mac was discontinued years before Win95 was even dreamed of!

I went on the Internet and bought a Power Mac 6100 from We Love Macs. It was fabulous! I reformatted the drive and installed Mac OS 9. Then I needed more speed, so I put in a Crescendo 233 MHz G3 card. What a machine! I ran a modem sharing Proxy server on my PC and had my 6100 surfing and doing email right and left.

I had to have a newer Mac. I studied Apple's web site and decided upon an iMac DV. It is nothing short of great. My 6100 is for sale, and after it goes, so does my PC. I will work on Windows all day, but when I get home, I want settle into a Mac.

I can't wait for OS X and IE 5.0. There is nothing innovative about Windows for the last 5 years - and nothing coming. I may even install LinuxPPC on my DV.

I am a convert! And I'll never go back!

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