Foods to Try Before You Die

The love of food is described as the sincerest of them all, a judgment that is made by looking at the vast array of dishes in the world. When traveling across the globe, food is one of the easiest ways to interact with a culture and can be used to understand people better. In your adventures, whether you are visiting a region for its gambling offerings, make sure to try out some of these iconic foods before you kick the bucket. Food is a great pastime. But you can make it even more fun if you play an  online game at the same time.

lasagne from the side

  • Lasagna

Lasagna Alla Bolognese is one of Italy’s most sumptuous dishes, and it is famous for being a single plate meal that consists of numerous elements. The recipe traditionally consists of lasagna pasta sheets that are topped with Bolognese mixed with a full-flavored meat sauce. The final topping is a lot of cheese, and the most commonly used is Parmigiano-Reggiano. The blend is then thrown into the oven and only comes out when it is brown topped and crispy. Lasagna has become such a popular dish that it is recognized as a global Italian dish.

  • Guacamole

Guacamole may seem like a standard option to most, but to others, it is part of foreign cuisine that should be enjoyed by everyone. This world-famous dish is eaten as an accompaniment for the main meal or as a dip for a snack. The buttery mixture is mainly made up of mashed avocados, fruits that are famous for their high fat and vitamin content. The mashed fruit is mixed with chiles, onions, some seasoning, and coriander. Tomatoes are an optional addition. This recipe has remained consistent since as early as the age of the Aztecs.

  • Crème Brulee

It is impossible to talk about French Cuisine without a mention of the famous dessert Crème Brulee. This traditional egg custard delight features sugar, cream, egg yolks, and vanilla, all covered by a tough crust of toffee. This dish should feature an exceptionally high spot on your list if you have a sweet tooth.

  • Tempura

Tempura is a global dish tied to Japan, but the version sold in the food’s home country is different from what is found on the rest of the globe. Even though it is still food that is coated in batter and fried, it is more minimalistic and uses cleaner flavors. Crabs, scallops, vegetables, and shrimp are the most popular food options used to create the dish, like in the rest of the world. The batter is the ingredient that sets it apart from other options, which is a mixture of water, eggs, and flour. When blended, these ingredients maintain a moist and flavorful taste.

  • Laksa

The next dish takes us to Malaysia, which is as rich in cuisine as Japan. One of the region’s trademark dishes is Laksa, which is mainly a rich-flavored broth that can be termed as a noodle soup. The classic recipe is deeply rooted in Asian traditions, which has seen it developed in numerous varieties over time. The most common options are the creamy curry laksa and the tamarind Asam laksa. The dish is so popular in Malaysia that it can be bought from street vendors without having to go to a hotel.

  • Quesadilla

Quesadilla is a hallmark dish in Mexican cuisine, and it is often compared to tacos or burritos. This food is so easy to prepare that it is considered a snack that can be eaten as a one-plate meal. Quesadillas are made of tortillas that are filled with cheese as the primary ingredient. Other elements can be added like beans and meats, but cheese can never be compromised.

sushi on a plate

  • Sushi

Sushi is the most prominent dish associated with Japan, and it has gained global recognition to be featured almost everywhere. This glorious dish is usually a combination of rice and fish in different ways, and in most cases, the latter is raw. The most common option of sushi to try is Makizushi, which has been around since the eighteenth century. The rice and fish in this type of sushi are wrapped in dried seaweed and accompanied by rice dipped in vinegar.

  • Souffle

Souffle is one of the most challenging French dishes to create with an unforgiving tendency that befalls anyone that makes an error. But when the recipe is executed just right, the result is a soft and airy dessert that puts most cakes to shame.

  • Naan

Nearly every Asian country has a unique flatbread, and that of India is naan. This chewy bread dates as far back as 1300 AD, and its recipe has hardly changed since. The meal consists of eggs, milk, flour, sugar, and salt dough, which is then flattened and baked in a tandoori oven to achieve the right texture. You can choose to have various toppings on your naan bread such as sesame seeds, garlic, butter, potatoes, nuts, and raisins.


If you are a sucker for adventure, create some memorable experiences around food. That way, you can travel around the world with your taste buds, even without ever living in your home country.