Memory Upgrades

Macintosh Memory Upgrades

This page links users to memory upgrade options for Macintosh computers. Before you invest in more RAM, here are two programs to consider.

RAM Charger from Jump Development ($40) lets you get the most out of your RAM - especially helpful on Macs with 8 MB or less. By launching applications using the minimum amount of memory they need, RAM Charger lets you run more programs. It also works well with RAM Doubler. You can even download a demo.
RAM Doubler from Connectix (under $60) lets you emulate virtual memory in RAM. Requires a Mac with at least 8 MB RAM, a 68030 or later CPU, and System 7.

As a rule, Apple recommends avoiding composite SIMMs in any Macintosh. A composite SIMM is one which uses less DRAM chips, but must use additional chips for bank control, address buffering, or control signals.

Certain Macintosh models have identified problems with composite SIMMs. Some Macs simply will not recognize them, while others may work for awhile before the composite SIMMs cause problems.

Apple recommends you specify non-composite SIMMs for use in your Macintosh.

And always ground yourself before removing or installing memory in your computer.

And don't forget, the more RAM your Mac has, the longer it will take to test memory at startup.

For up-to-date memory prices, visit ramseeker

Online Resources

  • RAM FAQ, MacToolbox. All about SIMMs, DIMMs, 32-bit addressing, EDO vs. FPM, VRAM, PRAM, and more.
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