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International privacy standards require businesses to:

  • notify consumers what they do with personal data such as names and email addresses
  • use the information only for its stated purpose
  • allow consumers to examine and correct data collected about them
  • give them a choice to forbid sharing that information for marketing purposes
  • store the data in a secure manner
  • provide recourse for consumers whose privacy has been violated

Low End Mac does not collect personally identifiable information about visitors unless they specifically provide such information on a voluntary basis, such as subscribing to one of our email lists. In the case of email lists, only the list managers have access to these email addresses.

We cannot protect the identity or email address of those who post to our email lists, since these lists are archived on the Web and available for anyone to peruse. We do what we can to prevent spammers from harvesting email addresses from the archives, but we cannot guarantee that the list archives will not be spidered for email addresses. By posting to any of our lists, you take the risk that your email address will be accessible to spammers. We sincerely wish it weren't so, do what we can to prevent it, but can't promise that some incorrigible lowlife spammer won't get your address.

Our site logs track IP addresses, as well as the browser and operating system used by visitors. This information is used for statistical purposes only.

We do not use any type of cookies on Low End Mac, although BackBeat Media (which handles our display ads) and advertisers may use cookies and track additional information for their own purposes. This information is collected and maintained by these organizations under their own privacy policies, which may be different from Low End Mac's policy.

Dan Knight , publisher, Low End Mac

  • Mac of the Day: Lisa, introduced 1983.01.19. The ancestor of the Macintosh had a mouse, a graphical interface, and a $10,000 price tag.
  • List of the Day: Unsupported OS X is for those using OS X on unsupported hardware.
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