Low End Mac Consumer Links

Best Buys in Used Macs

Based on over a decade's experience with Macs, these older models give you the most bang for the buck and generally have a decent upgrade path.

Low End Mac Help Desk

Like Mac Daniel, but with an even larger staff.

Filtering Spam

If you get junk email (and who doesn't), here are some tips for dealing with it.

Mac Classifieds

Where to go to buy or sell uses Mac stuff, including links to auction sites.

Mac Daniel's Upgrade Advice

The Mac world's version of Ann Landers - what upgrades make sense? how can you get the most out of an older Mac? Ask one of our experts.

MacUSB & FireWire

A guide to USB & FireWire peripherals, along with some reviews.

Online Tech Journal

Serious information about hard drives, networking, processors, and other things too technical to put in a regular editorial.

56k Page

Why 56k modems don't do 56k - and links to other Internet connections such as DSL, cable modems, ISDN, and more.

Upgrade or replace?

How to analyze your computing situation and decide if you're better off upgrading what you have or buying a newer Mac.

Road Apples

Before you buy a used Mac or consider upgrading the one you have, find out if it's a Road Apple. Most Road Apples are still pretty decent, but a few....

Chipping the Mac

Notes on clock chipping various Macintosh models.

Used Mac Dealers

Where to find used Macs from dealers and individuals who specialize in older hardware.

Hardware Guides

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  • Mac of the Day: Colour Classic II, introduced 1993.10.31. A big improvement over the original CC, this 33 MHz model was never sold in the States.
  • List of the Day: Vintage Macs is for all 680x0-based Macs, from the 128K through Quadras.
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