Can You Setup A Website Without Web Hosting?

You might rely on the Internet to accomplish tasks, like gathering information, selling products, and communicating with loved ones across the globe. But, you’re now considering developing and publishing a website to let the world know about your interests. However, web hosting might not be part of your initial overhead costs. So, you’re wondering, is it possible to set up a website without web hosting?

What Is A Web Host?

Web hosting allows individuals and organizations to publish their websites on the Internet. A web host is a company providing services and technologies needed for webpages to be viewable online. Individual computing units called servers store site data. Internet users who want to access specific websites will be sending information to these servers. Once the server receives the data, it will pull the page for the user to view from their device.

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What Are The Different Types Of Web Hosting?

Different web hosting options exist for people and businesses who want to publish their websites on the Internet. But, each choice has its pros and cons. A few of the types of web hosting services you may encounter include:

  1. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting might be an ideal option for entry-level web developers. Shared servers store data on several websites. This selection is excellent as a budget-friendly option for people who want to start building their web presence. Here, you’ll be sharing your site’s storage space with other website owners.

But, due to this collaboration, you also get to reap the negative effects of sharing a storage space with other website owners. For example, if one website in the server experiences a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, your site might be included in that incident.

  1. Dedicated Server Hosting

Shared hosting is akin to living in an apartment, whereas dedicated hosting services offer you a house. Dedicated web hosts offer website owners excellent control of servers. Hence, you may have full root and admin access to help you supervise tasks, from security to operating systems. However, this option can be expensive, which may not be an ideal option for site owners on a budget.

  1. Cloud Hosting

Cloud-based hosting services are scalable, which means the server size grows with the website. But, it relies heavily on the Internet. So, if the server loses its data, and there’s no physical backup, it can be strenuous to attempt to recover those lost files, folders, and apps.

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Is It Possible To Set up A Website Without A Web Host?

The short answer to that question is “yes”. But, building and publishing a website without the aid of a hosting company takes you to the long path to publishing your site.

For example, your website might not have an adequate level of security to prevent and fight cyberattacks and malware. Other features that might not be present because of the lack of a web host may include:

  • Technical support
  • Automatic backups
  • AI-powered site maintenance

Furthermore, if something is amiss in your website, then you might need to rectify the situation using the knowledge and tools at your current disposal.

For example, you’re running a WordPress blog without a suitable web host. After developing the site, you encounter a parse or syntax error. This error may occur when there’s something amiss with the functions.php file. So, instead of the site loading when a web user types your URL, it only shows an error message. Also, finding the offending code might be troublesome as it may take several minutes or hours before you can fix the situation.

Remember, every second counts when your website is down, especially if you’re running an online business. Each second lost might mean potential customers going to your competitors. Save your company from experiencing potential profit loss by inputting the right code to your site as soon as possible. Otherwise, save yourself the trouble and opt for a reliable web hosting service from the start. The assistance of the web hosting firm can help fix the code for you so that you can have your website up-and-running soon.

Final Thoughts

Albeit it’s possible to develop and publish a website without a web host, you may encounter more complications than you could ever expect. It might be best for you to hire the services of a trustworthy web hosting service provider instead of trying to manage your web presence by yourself.