Power Mac 8500 (Workgroup Server 8550)

Using the same case as the Power Mac 8100, the 8500 (a.k.a. 8515) was the first Mac minitower with a replaceable CPU daughter card. Unlike the first generation of Power Macs, the 8500 has PCI slots and uses the PowerPC 604 processor, a significantly improved, second-generation PPC design.

Power Mac 8100

The 80 MHz Power Mac 8100 was the fastest Power Mac when Apple introduced the line in March 1994, and it was the only model to ship from the factory with a 256 KB level 2 cache installed.

Power Mac 6100

The 60 MHz Power Mac 6100 was the entry-level Power Mac when Apple introduced its first PowerPC models in March 1994. Built into the Quadra 610 case, the 6100 contains a PDS (processor direct slot) that can be converted to a NuBus slot with an adapter.