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Thanks to Richard Savary for sending information about the Dynamac. Mentioned in Byte (May 1988), the jet black Dynamac EL weighed 18 pounds, used an 8 MHz 68000 CPU, had an 800k floppy, and came with 1 MB RAM (expandable to 2.5 MB or 4 MB). Essentially, this was a portable Mac Plus.

The electroluminescent screen supported 640 x 400 pixels. 20 MB and 40 MB hard drives were optional, as was a 1200 bps modem. You had to use a mouse - there was no built-in trackball.

The EL version replaced the metal case of the 24 pound original with "Cycolac" plastic, shaving six pounds from the Dynamac.

There was also a version of the Dynamac produced for a short time in 1988 based on SE/30 architecture. The Dynamac SE/30 included a custom video board that could run a 640 x 480 monitor at 256 color and Apple's Two-Page Display (21" grayscale) in 2-bit mode.

Details, Dynamac

Differences, Dynamac EL

More information on the Dynamac and Dynamac EL at EveryMac.

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