Power Mac 6300/160 (Performa 6360)

The Performa 6360 replaced the 6320‘s 120 MHz 603e with a 160 MHz 603e CPU. Fortunately, it also had an improved motherboard design that overcame the most egregious failings of the Road Apple x200 series.

Performa 6360Although it looks like the earlier models in this series, it’s a whole different machine under the hood – complete with a single PCI slot – and the first in this family worth owning.

Be aware that there are two different Power Mac 6300 models. The earlier 120 MHz 6300 is part of the flawed x200 series. The 160 MHz 6300 is the vastly improved replacement.

This was the first Performa to use 168-pin DIMMs. It was replaced by the faster, tower style Performa 6400.


  • Power Mac 6300/160 introduced 1996.10.01; discontinued
  • Performa 6360 introduced 1996.10.01; discontinued
  • Gestalt ID: 58

Mac OS

  • requires System 7.5.1 through 9.1

Core System

  • CPU: 160 MHz PPC 603e
  • L2 cache: optional, up to 1 MB
  • Bus: 40 MHz
  • Performance: 64,447 Whetstones
  • ROM: 4 MB
  • RAM: 16 MB (8 MB on motherboard), expandable to 136 MB using two 8, 16, 32, or 64 MB 70ns or faster 168-pin DIMMs


  • Video: thousands of colors to 800 x 600, 256 colors to 1024 x 768
  • VRAM: 1 MB


  • Hard drive: 1.2 GB IDE
  • CD-ROM: 8x


  • Microphone: standard 3.5mm minijack, compatible with line-level input including Apple’s PlainTalk microphone
  • ADB: 1 port for keyboard and mouse
  • serial: 2 DIN-8 GeoPorts on back of computer
  • SCSI: DB-25 connector on back of computer
  • video input slot
  • video out port
  • Comm Slot II, occupied by 28.8 kbps modem
  • one PCI slot


  • Size (HxWxD): 4.3″ x 12.6″ x 16.5″
  • Weight: 17 pounds

Accelerators & Upgrades

  • third-party video card will improve performance
  • Vimage Vpower PF G3 240 MHz upgrade card

Online Resources


  • Internal HD Format: Cannot See IDE Drives (Apple Knowledge Base 18360) notes that due to changes in the way modern IDE drives are formatted at the factory, early versions of Apple HD SC Setup (ones that come with System 7.5.1 and earlier) will not recognize them. You should boot System 7.5.2 or later and use Drive Setup 1.0.3 or higher with these drives.
  • Macs with IDE hard drive do not provide SCSI termination power, depending on external SCSI devices to provide it. For more details, see SCSI Termination Power.

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