Power Mac 7300

The Power Mac 7300 is pretty much the same computer as the 7600, except that it has a faster CPU and a special cover that makes it harder to dismantle the case (important in settings where users might steal memory, drives, etc.).

Power Mac 7500The 7300 seems to be the only time Apple has improved a computer and given it a lower model number. This may be due to removing the video in capability.

The 7300 was part of the last generation of Macs to ship with a SCSI hard drive as a standard feature.

The 7300 was replaced by the much more powerful beige Power Mac G3 in November 1997.


  • 7600/166 introduced 1997.02.13; discontinued 1997.11.15
  • 7600/180 introduced 1997.02.13; discontinued 1997.11.15
  • 7600/180 DOS Compatible introduced 1997.04.04; discontinued 1997.11.15
  • 7600/200 introduced 1997.02.13; discontinued 1997.11.15
  • requires System 7.5.5 through 9.1; Mac OS 9.2.x requires a G3 or G4 upgrade
  • CPU: 166-200 MHz PPC 604e
  • Bus: 40-50 MHz, controlled by CPU card
  • Performance: 95,290 (200 MHz) Whetstones
  • ROM: 4 MB
  • RAM: 32 MB, expandable to 512 MB using 70ns 168-pin DIMMs (8 sockets), Apple notes “128 MB DIMMs can be used, but have not been tested” – this would bring total RAM to 1 GB.
  • VRAM: 2 MB, expandable to 4 MB
  • Video: supports resolutions to 1280 x 1024
  • L2 cache: 256 KB standard, can be expanded to 1 MB
  • SCSI bus: internal fast SCSI (to 10 MBps), external SCSI (to 5 MBps)
  • Hard drive: 2 GB
  • CD-ROM: 12x
  • PCI slots: 3
  • Microphone: standard 3.5mm minijack, compatible with line-level input including Apple’s PlainTalk microphone
  • ADB: 1 port for keyboard and mouse
  • serial: 2 DIN-8 GeoPorts on back of computer
  • SCSI: DB-25 connector on back of computer
  • Ethernet: AAUI and 10Base-T connectors on back of computer
  • upgrade path: CPU daughter card, possibly to G3 motherboard
  • Power supply: 150W
  • PRAM battery: 3.6V half-AA
  • Height: 6.15 in
  • Width: 14.4 in
  • Depth: 16.9 in
  • Weight: 22.0 lb
  • Gestalt ID: 109

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  • Because of the way the internal SCSI cable is routed in the 7300-7600, it is very easy for it to come loose from the motherboard while opening the case. Should this happen, be sure to plug it back into SCSI bus 0, not SCSI bus 1 (which is for the slower external SCSI port).
  • G3 upgrade cards unstable?, MacWeek

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