Menagerie of Macs #2

It’s back! I got some positive feedback and a few submissions, and it looks like the Menagerie of Macs might just survive. I have to remind all of you about some of the things I said last month. I really do need help. I need submissions, mostly for articles, but art doesn’t hurt. I think that I’ll be staying with a text format after all. I may graduate to something more aesthetically pleasing in a while, but for now I think this is fine.

Menagerie of Macs

Now that that’s out of the way I think I’m going to be able to write a real editor’s note.

Christmas is coming! Just a few more days. All my shopping’s done, the tree is up, and I’m dreaming of a huge turkey dinner. But what I’m really looking forward to is what’s going to be under the tree. No wait, I’m not greedy. It’s just that my computer situation is sub-mediocre (besides, do you really want to hear about my aunts and uncles in a Mac ‘zine?). Wouldn’t it be nice to see an iMac under the tree? Perhaps, if my dad bribes somebody at Apple, we can get our hands on an iBook.

To those of you who don’t know, the iBook is Apple’s portable answer to the iMac. I’ve heard speculations and expectations, and now it’s time for my own. I think we’re going to be treated to a red, translucent, Duo-like machine. A thin semitransparent wonder. When you pop the lid you’ll be treated to a 12-inch active matrix screen with a full size keyboard (like the G3 PowerBooks), and a trackpad. Are you drooling yet?

For the guts, there are a few real treats. I’m guessing a 266 MHz processor with 32 MB of RAM and a 2 gig HD. I’m not sure what the conversion would be for VRAM, but it will probably run with 16-bit colour. Removable media is still a toss-up. We know that 1.4 MB disks are gone, but what else would they use? Perhaps a Zip drive. That would fill most needs if anything is included.

On the back we’ll most likely find a single USB port and an IrDA panel. Ethernet and a phone cord jack to go with the 56K modem too. The most amazing thing will be the battery. Apple is shooting for a 6-8 hour battery (the length of a school day). Even though this part of the ‘Book is designed for students, I’m sure everybody will look forward to that luxury.

I’ve heard stories of a lite version of the Mac OS. I’m not sure how this would work, but it should prove interesting. AppleWorks will surely be included, but a graphics application is unclear. Whoa. It Apple shows this sucker off (or anything like it) at the MacWorld Expo, I’ll only have five words for you next month.

“I think I’m in love.”

Brad Harrison



No letters this month. No, I’m not so bogged down with mail that I can’t read any of it and put some stuff in the letters section. You guys have to send stuff in. Otherwise the letters section will have to be abolished. So, instead of letters I’m sending out the well known, If Microsoft Made Cars.

Soon to Come

In the coming month, please send in nominations for the site of the month. The site should be easy to navigate, stable, and most importantly, really cool. It should be Mac-oriented, but any really awesome site will be considered. Also, send in proposals for shareware pick of the month. Anything under 1000k will be sent with the ‘zine, but whatever is over that will require a URL to be downloaded.

The end has come.
I bid you farewell.
Macs all the way,
PCs go to <USER ERROR>

Happy Holidays!

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