How Do I Speed Up a Performa 575 or LC 575?

1998 – GF writes: Just took my son’s Performa 575 out of storage. We added 32 MB of memory (which I think is the max), and my son upgraded to Mac OS 8.0. He also had RAM Doubler added two years ago to the original memory. Is the Doubler not needed now or not being used by the computer?

What I would like to know is what else we can do to make this computer a little more of “today’s” model, including speed.

What can be done about the speed?

We also have a 28K external modem. Can we  exchange it for a 56K?

LC 500 seriesMac Daniel writes: The 575 was a nice machine. Back in 1994, a 36 MB memory ceiling didn’t seem limiting. And for most uses, it still isn’t.

You can use RAM Doubler, but you should upgrade to Mac OS 8.1 (a free download from Apple, or about US$20 including shipping on CD-ROM) and the latest version of RAM Doubler, which could have been called RAM Tripler! This will simulate up to 108 MB of memory – but don’t bother with the RAM Doubler upgrade unless you find 36 MB isn’t enough memory for what you want to do. RAM Doubler is nice, but it does slow down the computer slightly and sometimes makes it unstable.

There’s little that can be done for speed. For a while there were PowerPC upgrades, but they were quite expensive and didn’t boost performance a whole lot. If the 575 seems too slow, you best choice is to replace it – maybe with an iMac.

You can add a 56k external modem, but first make sure your Internet service provider has 56k service in your area. Then make sure the modem you buy will work with their modems – which may mean looking for a K56flex, X2, or v.90 modem.

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