Letters to Menagerie of Macs

These letters were received prior to publication of the first issue as Menagerie of Macs was preparing to launch.

Menagerie of Macs


I got the file fine. It reaches out to bite you, doesn’t it?

I am on a Sun with access to a networked PC. I could read the file fine by saving it and then inserting it using Word.

I would prefer to read the e-zine at work but can’t handle DOCmaker files. Have you considered a text only version of your e-zine? You could have two lists – one for DOCmaker and one for text. If no text only version, I can just take the file home to read it on my Mac.


– Bill

Well I suppose you got your wish! I was planning on doing a text version of the ‘zine, but it looks like DOCmaker is trashed for now.

If we’re going to do MS bashing, let’s make sure it is factual and not nasty. There’s a way to win friends and converts but it isn’t by being unfair. We in the Mac world have a superior product and an easier OS to work with. There’s no reason to be nasty about it. We don’t gain anything by using the tactics that Wintel people take.

Richard Bishop

Of course, you’re absolutely right. But my article later in the ‘zine doesn’t make petty insults, it gets rights at the root of the problems with Microsoft. I hope I am making good strong points without being nasty, I’m think that I’m being very factual.

Thanks for the shark! I understand that there are Mac Magazines which feature PC/MS bashing, and there’s plenty to bash, but the Mac is so utterly cool that equal time might be given to discoveries about shareware, little tricks around the finder, new software etc. I have only been at this for a month but I am delighted with the utter security of having an OS that won’t die at the least sign of trouble like windows does!


What can I say? You totally embody what Apple is trying to do. A new user that thinks the platform is great and realizes the strengths.


Happy Halloween to you! Bob (my Mac :) stayed home and scared each other, I installed really bad software and he really scared me by crashing! Hee hee

Anyway, got your .jpg. (I have that as my DTpic!)

I’m sending this link to some interesting reading…. Perhaps he’ll let you reprint it. He seems like a fellow of like minds! It’s a very timely piece.

Microsoft Myths: http://www.geocities.com/Öills/6771/msmyths.html [bad URL. ed.]

The whole site is pretty good! If there is anything else I can send you. I have A LOT of stuff! Or any topic, and I’ll get it!

Keep up The Good Work,

Rachel, MacJihad…. Because it is our religion.

Rachel, since your first e-mail to me you haven’t ceased to amaze me.


Just a note to wish you the best of luck.

Producing a print publication is hard enough, but a ‘zine is taking on troublesome and often uncharted waters. Many before you have failed for a variety of reasons.

Stay focused.

Remember, traditional publishing is a very honorable field, ‘zine publishing should maintain the reputation. This doesn’t mean you can’t be offbeat or unusual. Keep your eye on the big picture – information and entertainment for Macintosh fans and fanatics who will undoubtedly be reading from a less-than-comfortable spot – at their workstations, personal computers, or hunched over a laptop. Do yourself a gigantic favor; figure out a mission statement you can refer back to when you are tired, frustrated, late, or off track. Trust me. It will be a big help.

Good luck.

Thanks, I hope that all you readers aren’t in such a terrible position as outlined above. I try to keep it interesting.


Hi, my name is Rob Olliver and I think that your idea is great!!! It is a joy to see someone your age doing a venture such as your e’zine! I wish you all the luck in the world and am looking forward to my first issue! Keep it up.

P.S. If your mom gives you a hard time for staying up late to get the latest issue out tell her to call me and I’ll set her straight! ;-).



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