Mac SE Benchmarks

The Mac SE uses an 8 MHz 68000 CPU. The tested hard drive is a 40 MB Apple-branded Quantum LP40S formatted with Apple HD SC Setup. This was not the original hard drive, which had been a much slower 20 MB mechanism.

Macintosh SE/30Remember that benchmarks are arbitrary. They measure certain types of performance that may or may not reflect the way you work.

Speedometer 3.06

The system was tested on 1998.10.05 and 06 using System 7.5.5 with inessential extensions off. Results are relative to a Mac Classic, which rates 1.0. Numbers are rounded off to two decimal places.

The first set of numbers compares performance at different cache settings.

cache   CPU  graphics  disk   math
 32 KB  0.98   0.98    1.13   0.99
 64 KB  0.98   0.98    1.12   0.99
128 KB  0.98   0.98    1.13   0.99
256 KB  0.98   0.98    0.91   0.99

The cache setting should have little influence on non-disk tests, which these numbers bear out. With this particular setup, cache size makes no appreciable difference except that with a 256 KB cache, disk performance is reduced by nearly 25%!

Speedometer 4.02

Speedometer 4 and other benchmarks don’t run on 68000-based Macs.

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