Umax SuperMac J710

The SuperMac J710 was the last new model from Umax, and only about 50 were ever produced.

Umax SuperMac J710Combining the form factor of the compact C500 with the power of a PowerPC 604e or G3, the J710 would have been great for power users on a budget. About 90% shipped with a 200 MHz 604e, a few shipped at 225 MHz, and the G3 model was intended for internal use only.

The 604e models would have been upgradable to a G3 using Umax’s own daughter card.

The J710 looks just like the C500 and uses the same ZIP (or PEZ) socket for processor upgrades.

Although Apple certified the model for sale, its refusal to renew Umax’s license to produce Mac clones lead Umax to abandon the J710.


  • J710/200. 200 MHz 604e
  • J710/225. 225 MHz 604e
  • J710/G3. 200-250 MHz G3


  • introduced 1998.01.06, never officially released
  • requires System 7.6.1 through 9.1, was scheduled to ship with Mac OS 8.1
  • CPU: 200/225 MHz 604e, 240 MHz G3
  • bus: 40-50 MHz
  • RAM: 32 MB, expandable to 160 MB using 3 DIMM slots and 70ns 5 volt buffered EDO DRAM
  • Video: Matrox Hurricane VRAM-based built-in video, 4 MB,
  • L2 cache: 512 KB, upgradable to 1 MB
  • hard drive: 3.3 GB IBM IDE
  • CD-ROM: 24x IDE drive
  • ADB: 1 port for keyboard and mouse
  • two miniDIN-8 GeoPorts on back of computer
  • DB-25 SCSI connector on back of computer with SCSI-2 support
  • PCI slots: 2
  • ethernet: optional, uses PCI slot
  • size (H x W x D): 4.0″ x 13.75″ x 16.0″ (101 x 349 x 406mm)
  • weight: 16 lb. (7.2 kg)

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