A Computer on Every Desk

1999 – A new age of Macintosh computing is among us. For many years, the Mac has just been waiting to defeat the Windows-based box as the computer of choice. Apple now has a chance.

Mac Happens

Bondi iMacEvery day, more and more Macs – iMacs in specific – show up in various locations. You see iMacs in places from Fort Dix to The Simpsons. People have finally realized that you can use either unstable Windows or the user-friendly Mac OS.

One day we’ll see an iMac on every desk, not a boring beige box. This is because people want to think different and be different. A boring beige box just doesn’t let you do that. The iMac, however, lets you think as different as you want to.

Macintosh SE/30

A year ago, when I had a boring beige SE/30 on my desktop, people who saw it never gave me any reaction. But now, when they see my new big green computer, they’re dumbfounded.

iMacs are just plain different. Why? Because Apple thought outside of the (beige) box and created a different computer.

But, there’s more proof that the iMac’s different thinking has caused a huge anti-beige movement. Every day, 10-15 people will email me asking for advice on computer buying. The email will usually read something like, “I always see the iMac, but I own a PC and want to get a new computer. The iMac looks so cool – is it really as good as they say? Should I go ahead and buy one?”

Always, I answer yes, and tell them that an iMac is a very wise investment. These people always email a few weeks later and say how their iMac has made their lives so much better. For instance, these people can now go out on a Saturday night, instead of staying at home fixing their PC.

Ever since I’ve made the change from Windows to Mac, and then to the iMac, my computing life has gotten much better. When I had a PC, it was constantly crashing. It was crashing so much, I knew the people’s names at Gateway tech support! I knew it was time for me to step outside of the (beige) box and get a brand new iMac. This computer actually works, and I’m proud to have it on my desk.

Now there are many new Mac games, software, peripherals, and to go along with that, users. I know many people who have abandoned their beige prisons and come over to the different thinking side. Now I guess you could say that there should be “a Mac on every desk.”

Apple has been reinvented, and many people are learning that Macs are superior. A new age of Macintosh computing is truly among us.

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