Apple Needs to Make More Kinds of Macs

1999: No, it’s not because it’s easy to use. Nope, it’s not because of it’s stability. Nope, not that either.

The real reason Windows is so popular is that there are so many computers that support it.

I believe that this is really the only reason for Windows being the OS of choice for so many computer users.

Mac Happens

Just compare: There is only one company that makes Macs, Apple. However, there are hundreds of companies that make IBM compatibles. Because of this, there is more competition between companies to produce the cheapest or fastest machine. This produces more machines that are competitively priced, so more people will buy them.

Maybe if Apple were to allow the production of clones, the Mac would become more widely used. Back when there were the Power Computing and other clones, Apple was forced to compete, so its computers were made to be less expensive and faster. Now Apple only has to compete with IBM compatible companies.

If Apple were to allow clones, I am sure many companies would take up Apple’s offer. Many companies have already tried to imitate Apple. (But they didn’t do it legally.)

If there were more of a selection of Macs, people would have more choices. This means more people would find a computer better suited to their needs, and many more people would buy Mac.

So, in the end, if there were more Macs, there’d be more Mac buyers.

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