Avoiding Wintel Nightmares

I first came into contact with Apple Macs back in the early 1990s when my friend’s father purchased a Mac LC II. At the time I thought it was a load of rubbish (hey, I’d only ever used Nintendos and an Amstrad 6128+).

Macintosh LCBut a few years later, it was time for me to get a computer for myself and the family. Knowing little about computers, except that PCs were there and were the odds on favourite of the time, I decided on a Compaq Presario all in one. But later my dad found it was impossible to expand, so there goes that idea.

Then came the Macintosh.

He saw it advertised on the back of the Sunday Times (an English paper). He filled in the reply, and a week later we got a promotional video. I watched it, and I was in love. The Macintosh was the computer for me; I was hooked.

No WindowsMy Dad still wasn’t sure on whether to go for the Mac or not, but then we found out that Windows 95 was as buggy as hell. The Mac seemed the ideal computer. We brought it home and never looked back.

My Dad is a civil engineer, and with the different sites that he works on he gets a laptop for his own personal use. They have all been PCs, and although I use them, we have not had one computer that is as reliable as the Mac. When my Mac crashes, a quick restart sorts out the problem – but crash a Wintel PC, and you end up messing with config.sys files and command.com.

What can I say: it’s a nightmare. Although I can generally work the problem, it just isn’t as easy as the Mac, so that’s why I say Macs are the best. I recommend them to all my friends and although they rebuke me. I just keep shouting louder and louder, “Keep it up, Apple.”

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