Bill Gates Goes to Heaven

Bill Clinton, Jean Cretien, and Bill Gates were at a meeting discussing the fate the digital revolution in North America. In the meantime, Saddam Hussien decided he’d had about enough from those three and bombed them.

Menagerie of Macs

The trio gets to the pearly gates and is told by St. Peter that when they met the big man, they’d have to answer one question, and their answer would decide their fate.

The three of them go in, and God says to Bill Clinton, “What do you believe?” Bill thinks about this and replys, “I believe that all people have the right to a good health care system and the right to be looked after when they are in need of medical attention.” Bill Gates snickers in the back.

God, ignoring Gates, finds this acceptable, gives Bill his wings and sends him on his way.

He turns to Monsieur Cretien and asks, “What do you believe?” He thinks about this and says, “I believe that all people have the right to distinct society and the right to speak whatever language they wish.” Gates giggles quite audibly this time.

God, in his infinite patience, ignores Gates again, and, finding the PM’s answer acceptable gives him the angel treatment.

God finally turns to William H. Gates III and asks, “Alright, Mr. Gates. What do you believe?”

Gates says, “I believe,” looking up, “that you are in my chair.”

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