Color Classic Benchmarked

The Color Classic uses a 16 MHz 68030 CPU, so performance should be comparable to a 16 MHz Mac IIcx or Mac LC. The tested unit also has a 16 MHz 68882 math coprocessor. The hard drive is an 80 MB Apple branded drive formatted with Apple HD SC Setup 7.3.5.

Mac Color ClassicThe drive was tested with Norton Utilities and optimized with Speed Disk before benchmarking.

Remember that benchmarks are arbitrary. They measure certain types of performance that may or may not reflect the way you work.

This system was later tested with a Sonnet Presto 25 MHz 68LC040 accelerator.

Speedometer 3.06

The system would not run Speedometer 3.06.

Speedometer 4.02

The system was tested on 1999.02.26 under System 7.5.5 using the internal monitor in “thousands of colors” mode. Results are relative to a Quadra 605, which scores 1.0. Numbers have been rounded off to two decimal places.

The first set of numbers compares performance at different disk cache settings.

cache  video   CPU  graphics  disk   math
 32KB  16-bit   0.25   0.23    0.86   1.94
 64KB  16-bit   0.25   0.23    0.89   1.94
128KB  16-bit   0.25   0.23    0.90   1.92
256KB  16-bit   0.25   0.22    0.75   1.93

The cache setting should have little influence on non-disk tests, which these numbers bear out. With this particular setup, a cache size of 256 KB has an unexpectedly negative impact, which I verified by running the test a second time.

These results are comparable with a Mac IIcx, although the math coprocessor lets the Color Classic double the math score of the IIcx, and the newer hard drive is sightly faster than the one tested in our Mac IIcx benchmarks.

Speedometer 4 was not tested at other video settings.

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