Does the ‘I’ in iMac Stand for Inferior?

1999: The “I” in iMac must stand for inferior. Because after installing Mac OS 9 on your iMac, you’ll feel inferior to your little computer. OS 9, Apple’s latest operating system for the Mac, is sure to make your iMac work for you.

Mac Happens

You could say that this operating system adds a lot of functionality, but it doesn’t. It adds a ton of bells and whistles. It makes your computer much more convenient – and it makes your Windows friends very jealous.

Multiple User Support

The first bell and/or whistle it adds is one that will make me and anyone else that has little snooping brothers or sisters happy. With OS 9.0 you can set up At-Ease-like profiles for everyone who uses your computer, and you can password protect them. Each person can have their own tastes because every profile on the computer can have its own preferences. So if your family doesn’t like your Shawn Michaels wallpaper, they can get their own. Also, it lets you keep all of your documents to yourself if you share your computer.

Easy Login

But, hey, some people are even too lazy to type in their passwords. So OS 9 even has a bell and whistle for that: Voiceprint login! Yes, all you need to do is say your pass-phrase, and you’re in! (For those too lazy to even do this, telepathic login is coming soon.)

The keychain was a great new feature back when it was introduced with System 7.5 many years ago, and now it’s been reinvented. With OS 9, you can store all kinds of passwords, not just AppleTalk network ones like with the old version.

Sherlock Shops for You

Jan Brady action figureMany people like to buy things over the internet, but many times we can’t find out where to buy them. Mac OS 9 helps you do that, too. Sherlock 2.0 is included with OS 9. This program will not only search the net and your hard drive, it will let you search online stores for the items you need. Now you won’t need to spend three hours trying to find that Jan Brady miniature figurine.

Automatic Updates

One of the smart features of Windows 98 was the ability to have it update itself automatically. Windows’ much better Mac counterpart had no such feature (all together now: Microsoft came up with an idea of their own?).

But, with OS 9, you have that feature, too. You can tell your little Mac when to update itself so it will also have the latest system software.

With all of these great goodies, Mac users lives will be much easier. All we need now is a new extension that has your iMac make dinner for you.

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